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How It's Made

Absolute Whey Soy Protein Shaker Red Cap


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 Exactly what you need to mix up your Absolute Protein Powders, this shaker can hold up to 700ml of liquid. A screw top provides a much more secure lid for when mixing, the inner rim mesh ensures a smooth blending as well with minimal lumps.  

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80% Absolute Whey & Soy Protein Special Blend Vanilla


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This special blend has just 3 main ingredients:

- Pure Whey Protein Concentrate

- Milk Protein Concentrate

- Soy Protein Isolate

The Whey Protein is absorbed by the body very quickly which is good for muscle recovery, also it allows for getting that quick dose of protein in if needed. The other 2 protein sources aid in slow digestion of the product so your muscles will also be fueled for hours after. With extremely low levels of fat & carbs this is the perfect product for maintaining your lean figure. 


Absolute Whey Soy Protein Diet Weight Loss Blend Vanilla


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As always we want you to know what you're putting in your body so here's the main ingredients:

-Pure Whey Protein Concentrate

-Soy Protein Isolate

-Milk Protein Concentrate 

These are the base which make up to around 70% of the blend to aid muscle recovery and maintain lean muscle mass.

And then we have the metabolism boosters to keep you burning calories all day long:

-Acetyl L-Carnitine (Amino Acid that body uses to turn fat into energy)

-Acai Berry

-Green Tea

-CLA (Conjugated Linoiec Acid - naturally occurring fatty acid similar to omega-6, one benefit includes reducing the urge for unneeded food intake whilst preventing the production of additional fats)

High Quality, British Made, Chemical Free Protein Shakes

 How's it made?

The formation of these protein shakes are very simple and very natural, all they are really are the by products of making cheese from milk, when the cheese (fatty & carby bits) is made you have Pure Whey Liquid Protein. What we then do is take the liquid out (concentrate it) which gives you a delicious over 80% Pure Whey Protein Powder to put in shakes, smoothies or many other delicious edible forms. Sometimes this is taken further to the Isolate level which is just passing the protein through special micro-filters to make it even purer (over 90% protein), but this removes some of the nutrients that the Whey already contains so is not often necessary.   Now, with Free Delivery! Get your high quality, British made powders for optimum weight loss, fitness, diet and muscle building today!