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Who we are

 The Absolute Proteam consists primarily of a gentleman from "Up North" assisted by my friends, we all take pride in our health and use supplements regularly to aid in our exercise recovery and to maintain lean muscle mass. We are all passionate about supplements and experience their benefits daily, we know exactly what needs to go in them for the best results. We also benefit and are excelled towards our fitness goals by our shared motivation towards each other.   

What's the problem? What are we gonna do?


Achieve our 3 missions as described on the home page:




  The journey towards good health is not easy, especially in this day and age. We are constantly bombarded with ads and offers of all things that will stunt our goals. We must be stronger now more than ever, we must put a front up between ourselves and the media. We're here to help you with that front, to provide motivation when people need it most. Not just when people need it most but where people need it most as well. The internet is people's lives nowadays, your news feed can be a great influencer of how you carry out your day. We know the difference between spamming people and giving just enough information to maybe just alter someone’s mind that day. 

  An issue we find with the market as it stands is that a lot of people don’t have a clue where some of the products come from that they’re taking, and they also cannot guarantee that there are no chemicals in them, in other words they don’t know what they’re putting in their bodies. Surprisingly, some companies pride themselves on all the things they can stuff in their products! We don't like that, and we want to stick this on its head by simplifying the ingredients as well as the design of what we deliver, we want to provide products to the UK market which are MADE in the UK as well as not having any chemicals in them whatsoever. Used right natural products are much better for the body than their chemical filled counterparts.

  We are also not big fans of the stigma that protein supplements get for being "just for bodybuilders or fitness fanatics”, because they aren't. Yes, bodybuilders and keen gym goers need a large amount of protein to repair and add muscle mass. But anyone who is trying to lead a healthy lifestyle would benefit from supplements, they're a great way to meet your protein intake values without any fat or carbs. We're gonna change this! 

  So as mentioned above, maintaining good health is getting harder and harder nowadays. We're not going to be just an online store but a place where people can come for some good information, maybe just a place where people can find a well needed pick me up from a not so great day. If you look at the site it's not centred around sell sell sell, but a calming landing point where you can see our goals. And hopefully one day in the not so distant future we can post some of our customers achievements as well.  

Why Us


We are not a massive corporation just wanting to sell you everything in our arsenal, we are a group of people forged by our active lifestyles. Here to give you the best advice and best quality products to help you on your journey towards your health goals. From the Active, to the Active!

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