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So Protein Powders can be extremely beneficial for anyone in their health and/or fitness journey.  Many companies offering these supplements though pride themselves on how many things they can put in their products.  We don't like that and we want to stick that on it's head by simplifying the ingredients as well as the design of what we deliver.  Used right, natural products are much better for the body than their chemical filled counterparts 


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 Know where your powders come from?  Hmm are you sure?  Even some of us here at Absolute Protein have fallen victim to not knowing where some of the ingredients that are in our products have come from.  

That's why we will ensure that our products are only nationally sourced and made.  We believe this ensures the quality of a product as well as ensuring trust in what we put in our bodies, for our own health & fitness .



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 We are not big fans of the stigma that Protein Powders have for being "just for bodybuilders or fitness fanatics", because they aren't.  Yes, bodybuilders and keen gym goers need a large amount of protein to repair and add muscle mass.  But anyone who is trying to lead a healthy lifestyle would benefit from protein shakes , they're a great way to meet your protein intake values without any fat or carbs.  We're gonna change this!

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